Environmental Activism on the Inland Waterways Projects and its Relationship to FCRA

On January 1, 2019, a news item appeared in several mainstream media outlets (see here for instance). The story was about how 50 environmental ‘experts’ wrote to the Union Ministry for Environment demanding that inland waterways projects (executed by the Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways and Water Resources) seek environmental clearance and that such clearances be made legally binding. To understand the near-revolution created in efficient goods transport by reviving inland waterways, read this article.

The demand by activists/experts can be found here which contains the names of the signatories as well. Some of the arguments put forward in that letter are laughter-worthy, but let us, as is our practice, leave them aside. Instead, we will see who the signatories are. Actually, as is our wont, we are not interested in the signatories either. We are interested in the organizations/NGOs that they are part of (or run). An examination of the list revealed that many of the signatories belong to foreign funded NGOs, i.e., FCRA-NGOs in our parlance. The following provides the list of these FCRA-NGOs. Signatories whose names appear in the original letter, but do not figure in this post either do not belong to any FCRA-NGO or that this blogger is unable to find any public domain, credible information for the same.

Ok then, let us dive in.

  1. Ashish Kothari, Founder of Kalpavriksh, MH/83930431. Rs. 1.17 Crore foreign fund inflow in 2017-18. Donors include Misereor, Katholische Zentralstelle fuer Entwicklungshilfe, Heinrich Boell Foundation-Germany.
  2. Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group, TN/75900481. Rs. 2.4 Crore foreign fund inflow in 2017-18. Donors include: Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation-Delhi (which has unbenign foreign donors), Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives-Philippines (Are its funds actually sourced from within Philippines or from a very large Western Nation, we wonder…), Greenpeace East Asia-Hong Kong,  etc..
  3. Himanshu Kulkarni-ACWADAM. ACWADAM is Advanced Centre for Water Resources Development and Management in Pune. It is FCRA-NGO, MH/83930378. It received Rs. 88 lakh foreign funds in 2017-18. Its donors include: Ford Foundation, ICIMOD-Nepal, Ministry of Geology, Republic of Guinea.
  4. Dunu Roy, Hazards Centre. Hazards Centre is a Unit of Sanchal Foundation, Delhi which is FCRA-NGO, DL/231650268. It received Rs. 89 lakh foreign funds in 2016-17. Donors include:  Katholische Zentralstelle fuer Entwicklungshilfe-Germany, AID-Maryland-USA, etc..
  5. A Gopal Krishna of so-called Toxics Watch Alliance (aka Ban Asbestos Network of India) is also a signatory. To the best of this blogger’s knowledge, neither of these entities are Registered Society or Charitable Trust or a Section 8 Company in India. They are at best some websites.
  6. Himanshu Thakkar, SANDRP. A leader among river activists in India. SANDRP is not a NGO, but is a network of NGOs which include Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action-MH/83850025, Social Development Foundation-Imphal, MN/194130386, Legal Initiatives for Forest and Environment, DL/231661342, Rural Volunteers Centre-AS/20840007, Manthan Research and Social Development Society (also called as Manthan Adhyayan Kendra (MAK)); One of the Advisory Board Member of MAK is Prashant Bhushan. Himanshu Thakkar, Sripad Dharmadhikary and others are part of MAK’s team. Although MAK’s page says that their work on water reforms since 2015 is part of an entity called ‘Peoples Social Action (PSA-1)’, it may not be unlikely that it is a typo and it should have been ‘Programme for Social Action (PSA-2)’. Located in Tiruvalla, Kerala, PSA-2 is FCRA-NGO, KL/231650130 (search for its FCRA returns within Delhi in the FCRA website). PSA-2 says that its founding principles are derived from Liberation Theology (a Christian movement). PSA-2 is headed by Xavier Dias, Philip George and Aashima Subberwal. PSA-2 received Rs. 3.6 Crore foreign funds in 2017-18 including from Misereor, AID-USA, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Global Greengrants Fund-USA, American Jewish World Service, etc.
  7. Jagdish Krishnaswamy, ATREE is another signatory. ATREE is Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment, Bengaluru and is FCRA-NGO, KA/94420739. ATREE received Rs. 44.6 Crore foreign funds in 2017-18.
  8. Joe Athialy is Executive Director of Delhi based Centre for Financial Accountability (CenFA). CenFA does not have a Darpan entry. It is not listed in the Companies database of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It may be a Delhi state registered society/trust, but we doubt that possibility. CenFA’s address in its website matches the address of a FCRA-NGO, called CACIM. Niti-Aayog’s Darpan Portal mentions that Joe Thomas Athialy is the Chief Functionary of India Action for Critical Action Centre and Movement (CACIM) which is a FCRA-NGO, DL/231661081 (see also U74899DL2005NPL138493). However, CACIM’s website says Purnima Gupta is head (she also signs the FC4 return). CenFA/CACIM awards a ‘Smitu Kothari Fellowship for Young Journalists’. In 2018, one of the awardees is Raksha Kumar, who wrote the horrendous article in the magazine called ‘Foreign Policy’ on our Amarnath Yatra which was based on the report of a FCRA-NGO with ecumenical roots (see our old post for details). CACIM receives healthy foreign funds from Global Greengrants Fund-USA, South Asia Women Fund-USA, American Jewish World Service-USA, Association for India’s Development-USA, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice-USA etc. CenFA’s activities appear to be to lobby with large international banks such as the Asian Development Bank and others for ‘environmental oversight’ when they award large loans to India for infrastructure development. This operation can be understood via this report produced by CenFA for Bank Information Centre-Europe, which incidentally was sponsored by Oxfam-Hong Kong.
  9. Kanchi Kohli is another signatory. The petition calls her as “Independent Researcher”. However, KK is mentioned as Legal Research Director for Environmental Justice in the US Non-profit, “Namati” (EIN=45-2796201). Also, this page of Namati which provides a bio of KK says that “KK’s work is done in collaboration with Centre for Policy Research, India”. Centre for Policy Research is a FCRA-NGO, DL/231650007. Its FCRA filings mention that it receives ‘donations’ from Namati Inc-USA.
  10. Madhuresh Kumar, National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM). NAPM has been a long-standing leftist body. However, it is a network. He also appears to be loosely associated with CACIM, Delhi.
  11. Anu Aga. A well known businessperson, she was also a member of the National Advisory Council, the superbody which advised and monitored the Union Government during the days of UPA. Anu Aga is on the Board of The Akanksha Foundation, FCRA-NGO, MH/83780558. She is also a Founding Trustee of Ananta Aspen Centre, FCRA-NGO, DL/231661619.
  12. Nityanand Jayaraman is listed without an organization. He is part of The Other Media, FCRA-NGO, DL/231660085 which receives ‘donations’ from Global Greengrant Fund-USA, AID-USA, Trocaire-Ireland, Cordaid-Netherlands, etc..
  13. Fr. Anand Mathew, Varanasi is another signatory. He is part of the Indian Missionary Society, Varanasi, FCRA-NGO, UP/136760002.
  14. Samir Mehta, International Rivers (IR). IR is not an Indian Organization. It is based out of USA. IR sends lots of ‘donations’ to many FCRA-NGOs in India though. One important FCRA-NGO ‘donee’ of IR is ‘Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment’, DL/231661342, run by the ace-NGT (National Green Tribunal) lawyer, Ritwick Dutta.
  15. Sandeep K Pattnaik of National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS). NCAS is located in Pune and is a FCRA-NGO, MH/83930363. It receives ‘donations’ from National Foundation for India (Delhi), Unitarian Universalist Association-UK, American Jewish World Service, Ford Foundation, Oxfam etc.
  16. Shripad Dharmadhikary, MAK. MAK has already been covered under the paragraph on Himanshu Thakkar.
  17. Shweta Narayan (SN) is mentioned as belonging Healthy Energy Initiative India (HEII). HEII’s website says that HEII is part of Community Environmental Monitoring (CEM) which is part of ‘The Other Media (TOM)’. Thus SN is part of TOM, FCRA-NGO, DL/231660085.

This Post passes no judgement on the individuals mentioned. The only aim of this Post is to bring out  the foreign funding aspect of the organizations with whom the environmental activists are associated with, to the knowledge of the public. Nothing more and nothing less. This work would not have been required had the mainstream media, Government organizations and others mention the FCRA details whenever they mention the organization or its functionaries’ names in any news or publicity item.

Everything about the foreign funding aspect and the relationship between organizations and the personalities can be verified from Government of India websites such as fcraonline.nic.in and ngodarpan.gov.in.

Environmental Activism on the Inland Waterways Projects and its Relationship to FCRA

Sad story from Odisha’s Good News India Orphanages and its relation to FCRA

In yet another sad story, this time coming from Odisha, the Director (i.e., the caretaker) of a Child Care Institution (CCI) in Dhenkanal, Odisha has been arrested for allegedly abusing child inmates there. Various mainstream media reports have mentioned the name of the NGO running a string of 22 such CCIs in Odisha region to be ‘Good News India’ (GNI). GNI’s head, Rev. Faiz Rahman too has been taken into custody, according to these news reports. A couple of such news stories are here, here and here.  The total number of children in all these CCIs run by GNI is estimated to be around 3000.

Although the story appeared in mainstream media and various Central Ministers have joined in the outcry against the horrid crime, there has been no public domain report on the funding sources of GNI.

In this short Post, we shall use the publicly available foreign funding resource, made available by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India (we thank the MHA for letting common public use this online resource without RTI) to identify the funding sources of these CCIs. We shall also use the Income Tax Return filed by the foreign organization which funds these CCIs, to the foreign Government (so called Form 990 to be filed by all non-profits to Internal Revenue Service, USA’s income tax agency). Thus, everything that we write here is based on publicly available, online, free resources which can be verified by anyone.

Firstly, a short background on Rev. Faiz Rahman. Rev. Rahman is a Christian Missionary who got attracted to the tenets and practices of Christianity, as a child,  in late 1960s, after he came in contact with another American missionary serving in West Bengal, named Rev. Mark Buntain. For those who may not know, Mark and Huldah Buntain run a Georgia, US based organization called ‘Calcutta Mercy’ which routinely sends funds to the following FCRA-NGOs in Kolkata: Mission of Mercy Hospital and Research Centre (WB/147120200) and The Assembly of God Church (WB/147120043).

Rev. Faiz Rahman runs a non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona called ‘Rahman Ministries Inc’ (RMI) whose alias is ‘Good News India’ (GNI-USA). Its Employer Identification Number (EIN) is: 86-1003656

A screenshot extract of its Form 990 (tax return) for the year 2015 is provided below.

Part VII (page 7) of the same form 990 mentions Rev. Faiz Rahman as the President of Good News India (alias Rahman Ministries Inc). For those who may not be aware of terminologies, the word ‘Ministries’ denotes the various ways by which Christian Missionaries serve people. It could be in the form of running Orphanages, Hospitals, Medical Camps, Schools, Skill Training, etc..

Now, which Organization(s) does Rahman Ministries Inc (RMI) support in India? RMI funds, exclusively, a FCRA-NGO called ‘Salgadia Happy and Holy Homes Society (SHHHS)’ in Salgadia, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. Its FCRA Registration is: WB/147040452. Although GNI-USA’s website is dysfunctional, that of SHHHS is still functional at https://shhhs.org/ ; SHHHS’ vision is mentioned as : “To transform communities in Eastern India”. Their Mission is described as: “To advance the Kingdom of God via evangelism, church planting, Christian education, distribution of Bibles and Christian literature, child welfare, throughout Eastern India.” Although SHHHS is a pucca Indian registered organization, the web domain of SHHHS.ORG is registered in the name of ‘Good News India, 1220, East Rosemonte Drive, Phoenix, Arizona-85024, USA’. Various property websites provide the owner of the property in this address, and it is not too difficult to guess who it is.

Exactly, how much money did SHHHS receive from RMI and other foreign sources? This can be obtained from the FCRA website of MHA at http://fcraonline.nic.in very easily. The following Table provides the foreign funding inflows to SHHHS since 2006.

Foreign fund inflows via FCRA to SHHHS

Thus, SHHHS has received close to Rs. 81 Crore over the last twelve years with majority funding coming from RMI-Arizona-USA and a small funding coming from GNI-New Zealand. The operations of SHHHS/GNI/RMI are eerily similar to that of Compassion International (whose FCRA was put under Prior Permission route by MHA a couple of years ago). The modus operandi is to let foreign donors ‘adopt’ the maintenance of one particular Indian child in the scores of Orphanages (so-called Dream Centres) of SHHHS.

Who runs SHHHS? Is it Faiz Rahman? We can use the Darpan Portal of Niti-Aayog to identify the Chief Functionaries of SHHHS.

Chief Functionaries of SHHHS as provided in the Darpan Portal of Niti-Aayog

A Tarun Kumar Das is mentioned as Secretary of SHHHS. Indeed, the same Mr. Das signs the annual FC4 return submitted by SHHHS to MHA (as can be seen in the FCRA return).

Note that SHHHS’ achievements as listed in its submission to Niti-Aayog does not mention ‘Ten commandments’, does not mention ‘evangelism’, does not mention ‘church planting’ and so on. Is this subterfuge? Technically, yes, but then hundreds and thousands of similar FCRA-NGOs are doing the same. If you don’t want to believe me on this, it is your loss.

What about Good News India? Is it an Indian organization? GNI is the alias of RMI in the US. However, a FCRA-NGO by the name GNI also exists in India. Precisely in Agrahat, Odisha (PIN: 754028) with FCRA registration number OR/104860151. Does GNI-India receive any money from abroad? Almost nothing. The foreign fund inflows to GNI-Odisha over the years are listed as under.

Who runs GNI-India? Darpan Portal provides the name as a Deepak Kumar Pramanik, who incidentally is the signatory in GNI’s FCRA returns.

Both Deepak Pramanik and Tarun Kumar Das are listed as being part of SHHHS’s Board of Directors on its website.

We have reached the end of this blogpost. To reiterate, all the above information is from public domain, online, freely accessible sources, primarily from Government websites.

What is our position? We assert that FCRA is absolutely not good for our Nation. We assert that the sophisticatedly called ‘Child Care Institutions’ are a cover, in most parts, for such evangelical activities. Our Nation’s laws and Acts have not taken the 4/14 (see wiki) and 10/40 windows (see wiki) of the evangelical faiths into cognizance. Thus, the latter employ FCRA to funnel in loads of cash to further their devious, malignant agenda. India must scrap FCRA and close down at least 90% of its Orphanages summarily and restore the innocent children living there to their parents.


(1) While studying about GNI/RMI’s work, we have come across its footprint as far North as Mirik (north of Siliguri). This is certainly *not* Good News for India

Sad story from Odisha’s Good News India Orphanages and its relation to FCRA

Gospel For Asia continues to use FCRA

In a story dated October 6, 2017, bylined strangely from Kochi, Times of India (ToI) reported the cancellation of FCRA registrations of four FCRA-NGOs associated with the global behemoth, Gospel For Asia. Readers of this blog are familiar with their names: Gospel for Asia-India (rechristened as Ayana Charitable Trust (ACT)), Believers Church India (BCI), Last Hour Ministry (LHM) and Love India Ministries (LIM). All the four are located in Tiruvalla, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. The exact date of the FCRA cancellation is unclear. We thus surmise that it must have happened any time in the months of August-September 2017 (vide infra). We also have no idea why these FCRA registrations were cancelled.

Although ToI claimed that the Ministry of Home Affairs cancelled the registration, the story is bylined Kochi and not New Delhi. It has appeared only in its Kochi edition. No other mainstream media carried the story. Imagine India’s largest FCRA-NGO conglomerate, with operations all over India, losing their FCRA registrations and the media in big cities not covering the story. Strange, no? This observation must also be seen in the light of the unusually large (even by GFA standards, #lulz) spike in remittances to these four FCRA-NGOs in the year 2015-16 and the troubles it has been facing among the faithfuls in USA who used to donate to it. Not to speak of the ongoing court case as well there. All these put together makes one wonder if the story of the cancellation (and may be the cancellation itself?) originated in New Delhi or from elsewhere within India.

Another interesting update is that Believers Church India rechristened itself as Believers Eastern Church (BEC), as per a news item dated November 04, 2017.

We write this Post in this backdrop.

So, what is new in this Post?

Part-A: Names of Chief functionaries of the four Tiruvalla FCRA-NGOs (FCRA cancelled), hitherto unknown, are now available. These will be shared.

Part-B: One may be misled into thinking that GFA has stopped remitting to FCRA-NGOs in India, post the cancellation of FCRA licence to its four primary affiliates. As we outed earlier, five FCRA-NGOs have started getting ‘donations’ from GFA (via its Limited Liability Companies). In this Post, we shall see even more FCRA-NGOs which receive ‘donations’ via the same route. We will also get to know the names of people running them. Thus, we demonstrate that even post the so-called FCRA cancellation of its primary affiliates in Tiruvalla, GFA continues to route funds into India.

NOTE: Everything that is written here is available on Indian Government websites, for anyone to view, without paying any fee. These websites are: FCRA, Darpan and MCA. Thus, this Post is just a compilation of publicly available Government data.  No opinions are passed on the individuals or the entities. These sources are gratefully acknowledged.


After the FCRA Wing of MHA made it mandatory for NGOs to register their details (in particular, the names of their Chief Functionaries) on the Darpan portal of Niti-Aayog (we hold that Niti-Aayog is ill-fitted for this job, but that is a story for another day), the portal has been seeing quite a good number of entries. Let us get the names we have been waiting for.

FCRA-NGO (FCRA status cancelled) Chief Functionaries (via Darpan Portal)
Believers Church India Samuel Mathew, Simon John, Juria Bardhan
Ayana Charitable Trust Siny Punnoose, Simon John, Juria Bardhan, Praison John, Daniel Johnson, Samuel Mathew
Last Hour Ministry Praison John, Juria Bardhan, P S Cherian, Oommen Mathew
Love India Ministries Oommen Mathew, Samuel Mathew, Siny Punnoose, Juria Bardhan


  1. Juria Bardhan, whose name appears in all the four (cancelled) FCRA-NGOs, appears to a Bishop of Believers Eastern Church. He was also earlier associated with the Believers Church Theological Seminary, Tiruvalla & continues to be a visiting faculty there. Interestingly, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ Companies database lists Rev. Dr. Juria Bardhan as a Director of a Sec. 25 (now Sec. 8) company called “AY Broadcasting Foundation” (AYBF) (CIN=U92132KL2005NPL018559) and holds the DIN, 00415678. Its other Directors are Thomas Varghese and Praison John. Incorporated in 2005, its address is provided as “GFA Building, Manjadi P.O., Tiruvalla, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala”. AYBF runs the ‘Athmeeya Yatra TV’. Praison John’s name appears as one of the Chief Functionaries of ACT above. It is also interesting to read the judgement of a Kerala High Court in 2011 on whether AYBF is a ‘charitable institution’ or not, under Sec. 12AA of the Income Tax Act. The Court ruled that it was not one.
  2. Another name which appears on two of the former FCRA-NGOs listed above is Simon John. Rev. Dr. Simon John also appears to be a Bishop of Believers Eastern Church.
  3. Samuel Mathew appears thrice in the list above. He too appears to be a Bishop of BEC.
  4. The other name which repeats is Siny Punnoose. This name is also found as a Director of Believers Church Microfinance Private Limited (UCIN=U65900KL2011PTC028117) in the MCA database and it too shares the same address as AY Broadcasting Foundation (above). The other Director of BCMPL is listed as a Daniel Johnson who is also listed as a Chief Functionary of ACT (former FCRA-NGO) above.
  5. Sec. 15 of FCRA-2010 is interesting. It deals with the management of foreign contribution (FC) (including capital assets established over the years using FC) after the cancellation of FCRA registration of a NGO. Ordinarily, the District Magistrate (presumably the district in which the NGO is registered) takes over the assets created by FC. He/she can even run the operations, post FCRA cancellation. It is not clear if this option was/has-been exercised with respect to the four FCRA-NGOs associated with GFA. For organizations such as BCI whose assets are spread all over the country, it is also not clear how a DM can run the entire thing. This may actually be a bug (or a feature?) in FCRA-2010. It should also be noted that Sec. 15 applies to NGOs whose FCRA registration was cancelled and not to those whose FCRA licence was not renewed. (We thank twitter handle FCRA2010 for shedding light on this Section).
  6. An examination of the Quarterly returns filed by the four (cancelled) FCRA-NGOs confirms that the FCRA cancellation would have happened during August-September 2017 time frame (see Table 1 below).

Table 1: Foreign fund inflows to the cancelled FCRA-NGOs in the year before cancellation, based on their Quarterly returns.

Amounts in Crores of Rs.

FCRA-NGO Reg. No. Apr-Jun 2017 Jan-Mar 2017 Oct-Dec 2016 Jul-Sep 2016 Apr-Jun 2016 Jan-Mar 2016
Believers Church India KL/52930220 24.3 192.5 56.9 10.1 13.9 296.2
 Ayana Charitable Trust KL/52850064 0 N/A 0 0 0 0
Last Hour Ministry KL/52930227 0 N/A 0 0 0 0
Love India Ministries KL/52930228 0 N/A 0 0 0 0

The July-September 2017 quarterly return for any of the above NGOs is not available (N/A) and we thus surmise that the FCRA cancellation must have taken place in this period. Once again, we have no idea why it was cancelled.


As mentioned in the Introduction, in this Section, we shall get to know of many FCRA-NGOs who have been receiving funds, not directly from GFA-Texas (or its other International affiliates), but from several of GFA’s Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) (whose existence was broken in this Indiafacts story).

Table 2: FCRA-NGOs (with FCRA in active status) which receive funds from entities related to GFA-USA.

All amounts in Rs. (INR)

FCRA-NGO Location Reg. No. 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2016-17 Unspent Past Balance 2016-17 Interest
Rehaboth Indian Gypsy New Life Trust Perumalpudur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu TN/75850280 90005 326743890 36364604 58512728 14088376
Shekina Propetic Mission Trust Senthil Nagar, Udumalpet, Coimbatore TN/75850295 90649 327762231 39719393 91318507 15115668
New Hope Foundation Keezh Padappai, Kanchipuram, TN TN/75901313 358844 324188032 32233633 19304421 22795129
Holy Spirit Ministries Kodigehalli Main Road, KR Puram, Bengaluru KA/94421256 0 226841015 32111749 40783223 7978147
Growth in Fraternity Trust OMBR Layout, Chikkabanaswadi KA/94421319 91093 327689600 32539610 24683339 13795415
Holy Berachah Ministries Queens Road, Bengaluru KA/94421606 50000000 0 50000000 0 (Bizarre)
New Lifeline Charitable Ministries Chandigarh 160014 CH/291420068 153019 293322 48239242 46293 226174
New Life Charitable & Educational Trust Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi DL/231661079 365769 50352338 29945153 50082844 2458385
Arul Shelter Home Trust Pollachi, Coimbatore TN/75850216 91341 288486 0 295670
  1. Except for ‘New Life Charitable and Educational Trust’, all the other FCRA-NGOs in  Table 2 did not have any ‘donations’ from any organization prior to 2014-15.
  2. In one of our earlier Posts, we had shown how the first five FCRA-NGOs (Rehaboth.., Shekina .. New Hope …, Holy Spirit .. and Growth in Fraternity …) were receiving ‘donations’ from GFA related entities. In this Post, we have added Holy Berachah, New Lifeline, New Life Charitable and Arul Shelter Home to this list.
  3. A look at their donors (see Table 3) during these years is revelatory. In 2014-15, only a few individuals have donated small sums. Interestingly (or should one say, needless to state? #lulz), all of them appear to hail from Carrollton, Texas, USA which also happens to be the location of Gospel for Asia’s former headquarters #ROTFL. However, vast sums of money have landed at the doors of these FCRA-NGOs from GFA-associated LLCs in Texas in the years 2015-16 and 2016-17.
  4. New Life Charitable & Educational Trust has received small sums of money from Organizations appearing to be unrelated to GFA, in the years 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14.
  5. We do not rule out the possibility of additional ‘dormant’ FCRA-NGOs being activated likewise in future.
  6. We have no idea why these FCRA-NGOs have started receiving donations from GFA related entities.

Table 3: List of donors to the additional FCRA-NGOs

FCRA-NGO Reg. No. 2014-15 Donors 2015-16 Donors 2016-17 Donors
Rehaboth Indian Gypsy New Life Trust TN/75850280 Michelle Jimenez, Carrollton Peace Givers, Voice of Love LLCs
Shekina Propetic Mission Trust TN/75850295 Cody Cornine, Carrollton Unfailing Love, Road to Peace LLCs
New Hope Foundation TN/75901313 Fred H&B, Norris Drive, Texas In His Steps, Grace in Action LLCs
Holy Spirit Ministries KA/94421256 Unconditional Love LLCs
Growth in Fraternity Trust KA/94421319 Javier Mendoza, Carrollton Cup of Blessings, Shepherds Care LLCs
Holy Berachah Ministries KA/94421606 Last Hour Ministry LLCs
New Lifeline Charitable Ministries CH/291420068 David Carroll, Carrollton Grace in Action LLCs
New Life Charitable & Educational Trust DL/231661079 RoadRunner-NewMexico, Agape Church-Ohio Last Hour Ministry & Babu John-New Mexico LLCs
Arul Shelter Home Trust TN/75850216 Kim Smith-Carrollton Teaching Skills

Table 4: Trustees of these additional FCRA-NGOs (Data from Darpan Portal)

FCRA-NGO Trustees
Rehaboth Indian Gypsy New Life Trust Raji John, Stella Mary Prabhudas
Shekina Propetic Mission Trust Prabhudas, Sam C Mathew, Sunny Samuel
New Hope Foundation John Auxon, Shiney Raji, Rajadurai K
Holy Spirit Ministries Raju Barnabas, Prakash, Kamalapur Vijaylaxmi
Growth in Fraternity Trust Thomas N S, H Sumanth Kumar, Gracy Sunny
Holy Berachah Ministries Daniel Varghese, Jesu Prasad, SD
New Lifeline Charitable Ministries Martin K E, Simaun Masih, Chandra Veer
New Life Charitable & Educational Trust Roy Isac, William Joseph, Mini Simon
Arul Shelter Home Trust Sasi Kumar, Samaresh Pradhan, Subash Chandrabose

A natural question that would arise now is: Have these FCRA-NGOs received ‘donations’ from GFA related entities (including LLCs) beyond the date of cancellation of FCRA registrations of the four Tiruvalla entities? The answer appears to be yes as can be seen from the Quarterly FCRA returns filed by these additional FCRA-NGOs shown in Table 5 below.

Table 5: Quarterly foreign fund inflows to these additional FCRA-NGOs (all the donors are LLCs in Texas, discussed in text.)

All amounts are in INR

FCRA-NGO Reg. No. Jan-Mar 2018 Oct-Dec 2017 Jul-Sep 2017 Apr-Jun 2017 Jan-Mar 2017 (INR)
Rehaboth Indian Gypsy New Life Trust TN/75850280 32092513 32032426 25541637 57018837 34792411
Shekina Propetic Mission Trust TN/75850295 86340280 0 25577590 32143503 41292809
New Hope Foundation TN/75901313 0 97310610 47072405 60954245 32233633
Holy Spirit Ministries KA/94421256 0 81021782 25541598 63980988 32111749
Growth in Fraternity Trust KA/94421319 31982536 31922449 22380166 69756870 37864982
Holy Berachah Ministries KA/94421606 0 25128690.78 0 63700000 0
New Lifeline Charitable Ministries CH/291420068 0 70807785 146316704 47553323 8239242
New Life Charitable & Educational Trust DL/231661079 0 74239948 140059224 96683182 29945153
Arul Shelter Home Trust TN/75850216 88613736 0 0 0
TOTAL 239029065 412463690.8 432489324 491790948 216479979

GRAND TOTAL = INR 1792253007 (Rs. 179 Crore)

Prior to January-March 2017 quarter, the above nine FCRA-NGOs have reported NIL receipts from any foreign organization. And, all of a sudden, they have received a whopping largesse of Rs. 179 Crore in just five quarters from LLCs in Texas.

It is thus clear that these nine FCRA-NGOs have been receiving donations from GFA related entities in Texas, even after the cancellation of FCRA license (for whatever reasons) of the four primary, publicised, affiliate FCRA-NGOs of GFA located in Tiruvalla, Kerala.

Do these ‘donations’ (or would ‘transfers’ be more appropriate?) violate any Indian law? None, to my knowledge. And, that is the tragedy, Dear Fellow Dharmics.

Gospel For Asia continues to use FCRA

Foreign funding to the NGO which co-authored the ‘tourism’ report on Amarnath Yatra

Many of us learnt about a supposed report  on the environmental, socio-political and economic aspects of Amarnath Yatra prepared by a Bengaluru NGO and some Jammu-Kashmir ‘civil society’ groups. The ‘report’ was released in in April 2017 and was covered in DNA, but recently (i.e., in August 2017), the story got another life through an article in the International magazine, Foreign Policy.

The report was rebutted well in an opinion column in the Jammu newspaper, Daily Excelsior on April 30, 2017 by a former District & Sessions Judge.

The report, available here, is quite lengthy (212 pages, ~5MB). Several sentences in it are downright silly and hard to digest for any Nationalist. The cartoons accompanying each chapter are insulting and does not behove of any respectable organization. We shall let other Nationalists dissect the report on its portrayal of the historical and social aspects of the Yatra.

Herein, we confine ourselves to an understanding of the NGO, ‘EQUATIONS’, which appears to have played a major role in the preparation of the report.

As with many FCRA-NGOs, EQUATIONS is not the name of the NGO. It is an acronym for “Equitable Tourism Options”. Based in Bengaluru, it is a FCRA-NGO whose FCRA registration number is KA/94420364.

As per this interview in The Alternative, Equitable Tourism Options “was started in 1985 by Paul Gonsalves, after he attended a meeting of the Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism in Thailand in 1982.”

Needless to state, we too desire sustainable tourism. We also believe that Yatra is not Tourism.

The following are our observations:

    • The DNA story of April 21, 2017 mentions that the report was made based on RTI enquiries and interviews with officials and people. It glosses over the fact that two people from EQUATIONS actually registered (see page 9 of the report) for the July 2014 Amarnath Yatra as Yatris. It is appalling that  these two ‘yatris’ did not participate in the Yatra as devotees of Sree Amarnathji but used the same as a disguise to prepare this report. In fact, when other pilgrims were singing bhajans and chanting, the EQUATIONS duo didn’t participate in such. Their report says “On several occasions the team was challenged for not participating in this chanting”. This is inexplicable behavior by the FCRA-NGO.
    • The report remarks on page 23,  “where the State and religion have become inextricably interlinked” questioning the role of the Central and J&K State Governments in the conduct of the Yatra. This is laughable. We ask: Do the EQUATIONS team know that a good fraction of funds of their chief donors (i.e., MISEREOR & Bread for the World) comes from the Federal and Regional Governments of Germany and that the German State levies a ‘Church Tax’ which is channelised to these Catholic and Protestant Organizations respectively?
    • Many sentences in the report are ridiculous and/or appear to be violative of FCRA-2010 and/or FCRR-2015. We provide a sampling below:

      Page 69: “However, in the case of Amarnath, it was not just that the Board was set up to ensure State patronage,but this was actually only a front, and a premise for the Indian state to deploy its real might – its armed forces.”

      Page 69: “nationalist bias of the armed forces are seen”

      Page 170: “However, in the case of Amarnath, it was not just that the Board was set up to ensure State patronage, but this was actually only a front, and a premise for the Indian state to deploy its real might – its armed forces.”

        • Only one chapter (Chapter 6) is devoted to ‘sustainable tourism’. Rest of the report could just as well have been written by so-called separatists.
        • In 2008, under its then Chief Functionary, Ms. Rosemary Viswanath, EQUATIONS brought out a book on child abuse in pilgrimage centres. The centres covered were  Tirupati, Puri & Guruvayoor. This ‘study’ was funded by ECPAT International (Netherlands). The book is available here: https://books.google.co.in/books?id=ovAhY4whr9sC&source=gbs_navlinks_s There is absolutely no mention in the book on how such abuses are related to the fact that these cities/towns are pilgrim centres. The choice of the centres and the title of the book clearly suggest a non-benign intent behind the work.
        • In 2010, Equations was part of a team which prepared a Code of Conduct for ‘safe and honourable tourism’ on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
        • During 2013-2016 (i.e., in the period when the work for the report on Amarnath Yatra was carried out), Dr. Ravi Chellam was the Secretary of EQUATIONS. In 2016, Dr. Chellam was appointed the Executive Director of Greenpeace India. However, Niti Aayog’s Darpan portal used to list a Ivo Rodrigues as the Secretary of EQUATIONS. But then again, the Darpan portal is not well managed, mildly put.
        • Since 2006-07, until 2015-16, EQUATIONS has received a total sum of around Rs. 9.2 Crore from abroad. A chart of its inflows over the years is shown below.
        • equationsClose to 74% of EQUATIONS’ foreign funds since 2006 have come from three Church organizations — Misereor (German Catholic Relief Org), Bread for the World (German Protestant Relief Org) (BfW) and Global Ministries UPCN (Netherlands Protestant). (We have included remittances from KZE, i.e., Katholische Zentralstelle für Entwicklungshilfe within Misereor). Misereor’s contribution is 40% and BfW’s is 30%. A Post on Misereor’s FCRA remittances to all FCRA-NGOs in India over seven years can be found here.
        • Global Ministries of Uniting Protestant Churches Netherlands (UPCN) ‘donated’ an initial amount of Rs. 33 lakh in 2006. According to NGO Monitor, GMUPCN is biased against Israel.
        • EQUATIONS has received around 7% of its remittances from ECPAT International (Netherlands).
        • Other donors to EQUATIONS include: Terre des Hommes-Netherlands (4.4%), Conservation Interntaional Foundation-Arlington, USA (2.3%), Global Forest Coalition-Netherlands (2.7%), African Safari Lodge Foundation-South Africa (3.3%) and  Action Aid-UK/Delhi (3.7%).
        • It is interesting to note that EQUATIONS has received small sums, on two occasions,  from an organization called ‘Alternative Tourism Group’ in, hmm.., wait.. Palestine. Yes, imagine getting donations to Bengaluru from Palestine, of all places.
        • Given the character of its fund sources, it is somewhat inappropriate that EQUATIONS would prepare reports on Child abuse in Hindu pilgrim cities and on the Amarnath yatra. With such a skewed funding source, these activities nucleate doubts in the minds of observers on EQUATIONS’ motives in the preparation of such reports seemingly directed at  the religion practised by the majority of this Great Nation.
    • We acknowledge the FCRA Wing of Ministry of Home Affairs for providing FC returns online for public view.

This Post was updated with information on the Founder of EQUATIONS, on August 16, 2017

Foreign funding to the NGO which co-authored the ‘tourism’ report on Amarnath Yatra

On the ‘Gloriavale Commune’ in India


A background to this Post can be read on Indiafacts site here. For the sake of brevity, we shall use the same acronyms: GCC for Gloriavale Christian Community-New Zealand, CCC for Christian Church Community, Thiruviruttanpulli, Ambasamudram Taluka, Thirunelveli District (TN/076030358), SHCT for Smile Help Charitable Trust-Vijayawada (AP/10260339) and DF for Dohnavur Fellowship, Thirunelveli District (TN/076030011).

Recent Developments

We came across a recent investigative report which appeared in a New Zealand MSM here. MSM in NZ has been focussing on alleged abuses and other individual rights violations in Gloriavale. Naturally, they are not interested in the expansion of Gloriavale commune to India, as they (like most in the West) believe in Universal Religious Freedom, a synthetic concept which is alien and dangerous to Indian traditions. The NZ report, an excellent one (Kudos to the investigative journalist, Ms. Morgan Tait), obtained through their Right to Information Act provides details of investigations carried out by NZ’s Charities Services in 2015.

For relevance to us in that report are these: (a) The Gloriavale Trust in NZ is actually registered as “Christian Church Community Trust (CC25088) and (b) Money donated to Indian FCRA-NGOs is sent from a Bank account called GCC which contains private, post-tax money of individuals belonging to the Commune, but operated by the Trustees of CC25088.

Let us now take a look at the money transactions between all the above entities, as examined via FCRA returns.


























Table 1: Remittances from GCC, New Zealand to FCRA-NGOs. Amount in Rs. lakh. Data from fcraonline.nic.in

Interestingly, FCRA returns also show that CCC remitted, amounts of Rs. 14.5 and 21 lakhs in 2014 and 2015 respectively to DF. Such give-and-take between RoL FCRA-NGOs is quite common in India.

Who runs Christian Church Community, Thiruviruttanpulli, Ambasamudram Taluka?

A sentence in the Indiafacts article said “Who owns CCC is not known in the public domain.” Although the Indian Government (ideally the State Governments must be putting out such information, but they are all invariably inert to these matters anyway) should eventually put this information on the Darpan portal of Niti Aayog, it is possible for us to figure this out in another manner.

The newly formatted FC4 return for FCRA-NGOs requires the signature of the Chief Functionary of the FCRA-NGO to be uploaded. The same for CCC (TN/76030358) can be seen at the FCRA website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, say, for the year 2015-16. The signature is screenshotted from the FC4 return of CCC and is reproduced here:



The signature of the Chief Functionary of CCC in Thiruviruthanpulli says “Faithful Stronghold (FS)”. That name is quintessentially Gloriavalish (Google up for their naming schemes) and not a common name in Tamil Nadu.

Who is Faithful Stronghold?

Faithful Stronghold used to be called as Kottapalli Mahesh Babu (KMB). How do we know this?

Let us check out Page No. 40, Right Column of Part-IV, Section 4 of the Tamil Nadu Government’s Gazette published on November 9, 2011. It is available here. The same is reproduced below.


So, Kottapalli Mahesh Babu affirms that he got converted to Christianity in September 2003 and received the name Faithful Stronghold. He declares the same in November 2011. The address provided in the Gazette is the same as that of CCC. Given that CCC came into existence only in 2011/2012, it is likely that Faithful Stronghold was living elsewhere. In Gloriavale commune, New Zealand? May be. We do not know for sure. But it appears that he exercised his Religious Freedom to get converted from Hinduism to Christianity in Gloriavale, NZ, given the nature of his name. Note also that he was born in 1991 and was converted in 2003, i.e., at the age of 12.

Indian students travelling to Gloriavale, New Zealand: Circa early-mid 2000s

There is an additional peripheral story which suggests that Mahesh Babu could have become Faithful Stronghold in New Zealand.

Read these news stories:

  1. Hindustan Times, October 16, 2006

  2. The Press, Christchurch, October 14, 2006

Venkata Siva Rayavarapu, aged 22 was met by a Gloriavale guy in Hanuman Junction, Vijayawada.

He was sponsored by Gloriavale to travel to New Zealand to study English, agriculture & community life. Gloriavale also helped his family in India. However, in 2006, he escaped from Gloriavale, breaking the contract that his father and he had signed with Gloriavale. The reason? He was being asked to marry a Mexican inmate of Gloriavale Commune. One of the leaders of  Gloriavale, Fervent Stedfast mentions that Rayavarapu wanted to marry only a New Zealander inmate as that would fetch him NZ residency.

Is there an equivalence between the initial trajectories of Kottapalli Mahesh Babu and Venkata Siva Rayavarapu? Although KMB’s new address is in rural Thirunelveli, his name and his village name (Kottapalli) are dead giveaways of his Andhra/Telangana lineage. Also his father’s name (Kottapalli Pullaiah). Same is true for Rayavarapu. The mention of Hanuman Junction in the MSM stories also point to a Andhra link.

It is well known that many students leave India to study abroad. Even to New Zealand. Even to Gloriavale! This is due to several entry barriers imposed by all Governments in India in the Education sector. Let us not digress ….

It is known that Gloriavale had only 55 families (each with about 8 children). Thus, were poor, willing but gullible Hindu students from India attracted by Gloriavale leaders to settle down there to increase its population? For long term sustainability and/or evolutionary reasons? We do not know. We would probably never know.


We are quite dissatisfied with what has been going on. And, what is going on. With FCRA. With all sorts of cults mushrooming in our Bhoomi. As usual, we wring our hands in despair.

On the ‘Gloriavale Commune’ in India

Gospel For Asia: Some updates via India and Canada

This Post, due in part to our laziness, has become a tale of two parts. The parts are
disjointed. Part-A could be of interest to foreigners and Part-B could be of interest to Indians. Indian Government should, ideally be interested in both the Parts. Nothing that it does not know is written here. After all, the data presented and discussed here is sourced from its publicly available, FCRA website. We are grateful to the FCRA Wing, Ministry of Home Affairs for making available this wonderful resource for public view without having to go through RTI.


One of our earlier Posts on Gospel For Asia (GFA) had an update which referred to a new Canadian entity sending ‘donations’ to GFA related FCRA-NGOs in India. It was Little Hills, Stoney Crook, Ontario, Canada.

More Canadian entities which ‘donate’ to FCRA-NGOs of Gospel For Asia seem to have sprung up in 2015-2016. The same can be identified from the Quarterly returns filed by
Believers Church India (KL/52930220) at https://fcraonline.nic.in/fc_qtrfrm_report.aspx

These are listed below.

Name of Canadian entity Address Amount sent to India in Year 2016 (Rs.)
Lift up their Voices 1 King Street West. 10th Floor, Hamilton, ON L8P 1A4 , Canada 31900536
The Sick Healed 1 King Street West. 10th Floor, Hamilton, ON L8P 1A4 , Canada 34322242
Little Hills 77-238, Highway 8, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8G1E1, Canada 222756972
The Blind See Hamilton, ON L8P1A4, Canada, 41986122.63
Lame Walk King Street West, 10th Floor, Hamilton, ON L8P1A4, Canada, 38657563.30

We are amused by the names of these Canadian entities which are reminiscent of the 13 limited liability companies (LLC) that GFA had opened in Texas circa 2011 and through which it nourished four FCRA-NGOs in Tiruvalla, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. Read this September 2014 original expose for that story.

Further information about the above businesses can be found at:

  1. The Blind See

  2. The Lame Walk
  3. Little Hills

  4. The Sick Healed

  5. Lift up their Voices

The addresses of all the above businesses on the Canadian Government website is given as: 1 King Street West, 10th Floor, Hamilton ON L8P 1A4, Canada. The Directors of all of them are the same three persons. The businesses have all been incorporated between August 2015 and February 2016.

A trivia: We notice that the addresses of some of these entities provided in our quarterly FCRA returns and that provided in the Canadian Government website do not match. As long as our Government does not check the antecedents, aims and objectives of the foreign donor (current FCRA law does not allow such checks), such ‘mistakes’ will happen. In any case, address mismatch is the least of the risks that FCRA poses to our Great Nation.


The FC4 returns of the four FCRA-NGOs directly associated with Gospel For Asia, for the financial year 2015-16 are now available at the FCRA website.

The following are gleaned from those returns.

FCRA-NGO Reg. No. Unspent from 2014-15 [Rs. Crore] Bank Interest [Rs. Crore] Direct Foreign Remittance in 2015-16 [Rs. Crore]
Love India Ministries KL/52930228 83.4 10.9 76.2
Last Hour Ministry KL/52930227 108.5 17.6 103.5
Ayana Charitable Trust KL/52850064 237.7 27 826.2
Believers Church India KL/52930220 36.6 27 342.7

Ayana’s receipt of Rs. 826.2 Crore, totally from abroad, in a single year is a Record.

The total Bank Interest itself comes to around Rs. 82 Crore. This could amount to a Principal amount of around Rs. 1000 Crore [in Bank Fixed Deposits etc.]. We have discussed this matter earlier.

As we outed earlier, Ayana Charitable Trust is the new name for Gospel For Asia in India.

Ayana Charitable Trust has received foreign funds of approximately Rs. 129.2 and Rs. 693.1 Crores under ‘Religious’ and ‘Social’ categories respectively.

Believers Church India (BCI) has received foreign funds of approximately Rs. 102.9 and Rs. 239.7Crores under ‘Religious’ and ‘Social’ categories respectively. Interestingly, BCI says that it received an additional Rs. 500 Crore FC (foreign contribution) from a Local Source. The identity of this ‘local source’ is not mentioned in the FC4 return. Could it be Ayana Charitable Trust? We do not know. It can be any entity which has a FCRA registration. However, very few will have a resource of Rs. 500 Crore to spare for another FCRA-NGO. LoL!

A preliminary examination of the FC4 returns reveals that just TWO remittances (to Love India Ministries, LIM) have come from Gospel For Asia-Texas. All other remittances to LIM, Last Hour Ministry (LHM), Believers Church India, and Ayana Charitable Trust (ACT) have come from various other offices of Gospel for Asia, including those in UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong. The only other remittances from Texas are from those LLCs associated with GFA.


Why are our Governments (State Governments too need to share a large portion of the blame) allowing evangelical forces to operate freely in India? Does India need their money? Their so-called Love and Compassion? Nah. Certainly Not.

We are simpletons. We just gape at the vast sums of money pouring into FCRA behemoths of our Nation, for purposes we have no clue about. We study their Annual Returns. Quarterly Returns. We write blog posts. A dozen people RT us. Where is the transformation we seek?

We are told that We Make in India. Hmm… Really? This way? We are aghast. We wring our hands in despair.

Thanks for reading thus far. Now go back to discussing UP politics, latest Khan movie and some tripe on cricket. While Love grows like mushrooms in your backyard.

Gospel For Asia: Some updates via India and Canada

Gospel for Asia-India (KL/52850064) changed its name in FCRA

This Post is long overdue. Wanted to write a longer one with lots of updates, but due to paucity of time, will write a short note on one essential point.

For a background to this Post, read:

  1. https://indiahap.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/additional-fcra-ngos-receiving-funds-from-gospel-for-asia-inc/
  2. https://indiahap.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/gospel-for-asias-fcra-returns-for-2014-15/

As always, we distinguish between Gospel For Asia-International (Texas, Canada, Germany, Australia, …) (abbreviated to GFA) and Gospel For Asia-India (abbreviated to GFAI).

GFAI *was* located in P.O. Box. 4, Manjadi P.O., Tiruvalla, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala-689105 with FCRA registration number of KL/52850064.

GFAI recently changed its name to “Ayana Charitable Trust-House No. 303/3, Thengumtharayil, Kuttapuzha P.O., Pathanamthitta District, Kerala-689103”. The FCRA registration number, obviously, remains the same, i.e., KL/52850064.

The same was noticed by keen observers around October 2016.


  1. FCRA details of the other three long-standing recipients of FCRA donations from GFA, i.e., Believers Church India, Last Hour Ministry & Love India Ministries remain unchanged.
  2. Ayana in Samskrutam, may mean either ‘refuge-place’ or ‘movement’, we are told. We have no more idea on this.

In this regard, we would like to offer a suggestion to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The FCRA wing of Ministry of Home Affairs,  has been doing yeoman service in publicly displaying all FC6/FC4 returns on its website (without needing to file the idiotic RTI). However, when a FCRA-NGO changes its name [or its address], then *all* the annual returns filed by it prior to the change in name/address also display the new name/address. Some years ago, we had noticed a similar ‘phenomenon’ with the evangelical organization in Rangareddy district, Telangana called “Operation Mobilization India” whose name on FCRA website got suddenly changed to “Operation Mercy India Foundation” in/around late 2014/early-2015 [both bearing the same Registration No: TS/10220133 at the same address, i.e., Logos Bhavan, Jeedimetla, Rangareddy District, Telangana, where seven FCRA-NGOs are co-located].

FCRA annual returns are sacred. In software engineering, a routine practice is Version Control. The FCRA Wing is suggested to follow such essential practices, so that independent examiners of open source, public information are not led astray.

Summary: Gospel For Asia-India (KL/52850064) is no longer known by that name in FCRA records. It has been rechristened (LOL) to: Ayana Charitable Trust (KL/52850064).


Gospel for Asia-India (KL/52850064) changed its name in FCRA