Lost sister in orphanage. Beyond News.

On July 1, 2016,

“Finding Mariya: Woman using Facebook to help her adopted Indian daughter find her biological sister” screamed India Today

“How A Woman From New Jersey Is Using Facebook To Find Her Adopted Indian Daughter’s Sister” screamed Huffington Post

Gullible city Indians (living in India or elsewhere) swallow it all up. I guess such vacuous articles would have gotten plenty of likes, shares, WoWs etc. from the unthinking Left & Right Wings of our Desh.

What is the story? As written in India Today, “Patricia Tavis of New Jersey, USA adopted Yasamma Gedala, born in Rajahmundry, from the Missions to the Nations orphanage in Kakinada on December 12, 1998. She named her Samantha Mari Tavis.Yasamma’s parents were Gowri and Nagaraju. Yasamma nee Samantha was now searching for her birth sister who too was “left” at the same “orphanage” by their parents.

How terrible the Third World is? Hindoo parents leave their children to fend for themselves in Orphanages, i.e., they “orphan” them even when such kids are not technically orphans. Western savior then raise such poor kids to give them Life, Liberty and Happiness. Yasamma became a Samantha. Cry.

The FCRA link

How did Patricia Tavis (or someone like her) come to know about this little “orphanage” in Kakinada when 90% of Indians themselves will be hard placed to point Kakinada on a map?

Enter FCRA, the Conduit for Evangelizing India.  Mission to the Nations (MTN) is a FCRA-NGO located in Kannayyakapu Nagar, Kakinada, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh-533003. Its FCRA Registration number is: AP/10170075. It received the following foreign donations since 2006.


As is the norm, MTN is not registered as a religious organization in FCRA, although all its foreign donors are Christian organizations from across the world. MTN’s Director, Paparao Yeluchuri says “It’s (sic) my privilege to serve Jesus in the coastal city of Kakinada, India”. The webpage also shows a proud Dwyatt Gantt  of Children’s Hope International-USA endorsing MTN’s sepoyhood. MTN runs an orphanage, a school (called New Life City of Refuge; see here), helps lepers, the whole shebang of such Godly, oops, secular operations of Born Sinners.

This news story of 2014 mentions that locals in Kakinada staged a demonstration against Paparao Yeluchuri accusing him of selling children to foreigners. They demanded a CBI probe and asked for the restoration of “sold” children to their biological parents. A fair ask, I would say.

I am done people. Hope you learnt the lessons. If not, here is the summary:

  1. RoL orphanages house children who are not technically orphans
  2. RoL NGOs proclaim their work in the name of Jesus Christ. They proclaim that their works are being done to expand the Kingdom of God. Yet, they are social/cultural/educational organizations under FCRA.
  3. Since children are raised as Believers in such “orphanages”, nobody is “converted”. How nice?
  4. FCRA is the lubricated conduit for the profusion of Love into India.





Lost sister in orphanage. Beyond News.

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