World Vision India: A Quick Intro

World Vision is in the news. And, it ain’t good. Israel has alleged that the Head of World Vision in Gaza diverted millions of US dollars to Hamas. See for instance, this news article. According to The Guardian, Australia suspended its grants to World Vision’s work in Palestine, soon after this story broke out.

While one should be aware of such happenings elsewhere in the world, we should be concerned about what happens in *our* backyard. Since this blogger has never written about World Vision India (WVI), it is an opportune moment to break the ice. Having said that, this Post is not a comprehensive one on WVI.

World Vision-USA

World Vision is a “charity” headquartered in USA and having operations in nearly all countries of the world. In its Form-990 World Vision-USA describes itself as: World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization serving children and families globally.

An extract from its Form-990 is given below:


World Vision-USA gets grants from/via US Federal Government as well. An extract from WV’s Form-990 is provided below for that purpose.


The FCRA Connection

World Vision India is a FCRA-NGO with Registration number: TN/75900011. Its FCRA address is: 16, VOC Main Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600024.  The following Table provides year-wise foreign funding received by WVI. A major contribution to WVI comes from WV-USA.



Even accounting for the increase in exchange rate between USD and INR in the recent past, it is obvious that foreign fund inflows to WVI have risen sharply since 2013. It should be noted that WVI’s operations span a wide range — from child “welfare” to “advocacy”. This is not the time or occassion to belabour on its activities. Bhagwans willing, we shall address that matter at a future time.

The FCRA Wing, Ministry of Home Affairs changed the format of the Annual Returns to be filed by FCRA-NGOs each year. Earlier, it used to be FC6. Nowadays, it is FC4. To figure out what they mean, head to this beautiful Post. These annual returns are available for public view, thankfully without needing that stupid RTI.

There are many things which we do not like in the change from FC6 to FC4. However, there is one good thing about FC4. FC4 asks the FCRA-NGOs to provide a list of all the Utilisation Bank accounts that they hold. Foreign funds are received by a FCRA-NGO in one particular Bank account. For World Vision India,  that Bank account is in Chennai (as given in its FC6/FC4 forms). However, since WVI is a behemoth organization, it needs to spend this money wherever it is working in India. Towards this purpose, it holds several Bank accounts all over India. This list is provided in its FC4 form.

World Vision India holds a whopping one hundred and fifty Utilisation Bank Accounts all over India. Since modern India is a non-transparent society and Governments are shy to disclose information and data they possess in public domain and since NGOs are held in high esteem (both by Governments as well as by public at large), we have no way of finding out how World Vision India spends more than Rs. 350 Crore p.a. (foreign funds alone).

However, the geographical spread of these FCRA utilisation Bank accounts can provide us a clue on its spread and extent of operations. The following is a map of such locations (thanks to Google maps and to theXS mapping tool).

Here is the link to the Dynamic map. Play with it!! It is coooool !!

The following is the static map of locations of FCRA Utilization Bank Accounts of World Vision India. Need we say more?



World Vision India: A Quick Intro

Lost sister in orphanage. Beyond News.

On July 1, 2016,

“Finding Mariya: Woman using Facebook to help her adopted Indian daughter find her biological sister” screamed India Today

“How A Woman From New Jersey Is Using Facebook To Find Her Adopted Indian Daughter’s Sister” screamed Huffington Post

Gullible city Indians (living in India or elsewhere) swallow it all up. I guess such vacuous articles would have gotten plenty of likes, shares, WoWs etc. from the unthinking Left & Right Wings of our Desh.

What is the story? As written in India Today, “Patricia Tavis of New Jersey, USA adopted Yasamma Gedala, born in Rajahmundry, from the Missions to the Nations orphanage in Kakinada on December 12, 1998. She named her Samantha Mari Tavis.Yasamma’s parents were Gowri and Nagaraju. Yasamma nee Samantha was now searching for her birth sister who too was “left” at the same “orphanage” by their parents.

How terrible the Third World is? Hindoo parents leave their children to fend for themselves in Orphanages, i.e., they “orphan” them even when such kids are not technically orphans. Western savior then raise such poor kids to give them Life, Liberty and Happiness. Yasamma became a Samantha. Cry.

The FCRA link

How did Patricia Tavis (or someone like her) come to know about this little “orphanage” in Kakinada when 90% of Indians themselves will be hard placed to point Kakinada on a map?

Enter FCRA, the Conduit for Evangelizing India.  Mission to the Nations (MTN) is a FCRA-NGO located in Kannayyakapu Nagar, Kakinada, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh-533003. Its FCRA Registration number is: AP/10170075. It received the following foreign donations since 2006.


As is the norm, MTN is not registered as a religious organization in FCRA, although all its foreign donors are Christian organizations from across the world. MTN’s Director, Paparao Yeluchuri says “It’s (sic) my privilege to serve Jesus in the coastal city of Kakinada, India”. The webpage also shows a proud Dwyatt Gantt  of Children’s Hope International-USA endorsing MTN’s sepoyhood. MTN runs an orphanage, a school (called New Life City of Refuge; see here), helps lepers, the whole shebang of such Godly, oops, secular operations of Born Sinners.

This news story of 2014 mentions that locals in Kakinada staged a demonstration against Paparao Yeluchuri accusing him of selling children to foreigners. They demanded a CBI probe and asked for the restoration of “sold” children to their biological parents. A fair ask, I would say.

I am done people. Hope you learnt the lessons. If not, here is the summary:

  1. RoL orphanages house children who are not technically orphans
  2. RoL NGOs proclaim their work in the name of Jesus Christ. They proclaim that their works are being done to expand the Kingdom of God. Yet, they are social/cultural/educational organizations under FCRA.
  3. Since children are raised as Believers in such “orphanages”, nobody is “converted”. How nice?
  4. FCRA is the lubricated conduit for the profusion of Love into India.





Lost sister in orphanage. Beyond News.

India Campus Crusade for Christ, Bengaluru: News & Beyond

Campus Crusade for Christ is an International Evangelical Organization with offices in several countries. As is the norm for nearly all Evangelical Organizations, it was started in USA. Recently, its name in the USA got changed to just CRU. CRU’s focus is to evangelize youth. You can google them, wikipedia them, check out their websites etc. for more information. One of its work which has impacted India (particularly in villages) is “The Jesus Film Project”. Again, google it up if you want to learn more about it, as that is not the focus of this Post.

Their Indian operation is headquartered in Bengaluru, on Hennur Main Road (LOL), to be precise and was headed by Dr. Thomas Abraham who founded it. He passed away recently in Toronto.

India Campus Crusade for Christ (ICCC) is a FCRA-NGO with registration number: KA/094420075. Its foreign funding receipts over the years are as under:


ICCC gets its foreign funding primarily from Campus Crusade for Christ Asia (CCCA) located in Queson City, Phillippines. I suspect that CCCA itself may be a conduit for these funds and its origin is likely to be USA, Canada & Australia (and may be, also South Korea).

Given the youth focus of CRU, and that foreign Christian youth need to be “moulded” into evangelism to keep the faith alive, it is not surprising that foreign followers of CRU are shepherded to India both to keep their faith going as well as to impress gullible Indians on the goody goodyness and coolness of the Religion of Love (RoL).

We provide two such recent news stories here:

  1. August 1, 2013. Telegraph. Titled “College gets Korean friends- Seoul team on cultural exchange tour learns 3 Idiots song“, the story adds that 16 youth from Korea visited The Graduate School College for Women in Sakchi (Jamshedpur, Jharkhand). The visit was part of a cultural exchange programme. The story mentions that the Korean youth were part of CRU and that the visit was “supported” by ICCC. It even mentions the word “evangelical” which is a big surprise!! The Korean team also visited  Jamshedpur Co-operative College and Jamshedpur Women’s College.
  2. July 18, 2016. Avenue Mail. Titled “South Korean students visit city colleges to study local education patterns”, the story mentions that 12 students from Korea visited many colleges in Jamshedpur including the ones mentioned in story #1 above. The visit was apparently to learn about the Indian system of education, but the visitors were keen on broader issues like “promotion of culture, brotherhood..” We know what those mean, don’t we? 🙂

These Jamshedpur colleges themselves appear quite non-Christian. Thus, we are alarmed at the ease of penetration by evangelical foreigners there. Seriously.



India Campus Crusade for Christ, Bengaluru: News & Beyond

NGO called SEAL in Panvel, Mumbai

Today’s Times of India reports that a New Panvel, Mumbai based NGO called SEAL has complained that Maharashtra’s Electricity Supply company, MSEDCL has cut off SEAL “Ashram’s” electricity due to pending bills. It adds that Pastor Biju Samuel of SEAL complained of highly inflated power bills and that the power supply was cut off without proper intimation.

What is SEAL?

SEAL stands for “Social and Evangelical Association for Love”. It is a FCRA-NGO with Registration No.: MH/83850044 and its address is: 35/71, Vangani Village, Nere, New Panvel, Navi Mumbai-410206. Its FCRA registration is within the Raigarh district. SEAL seems to have attained the exalted FCRA status in the last couple of years. It has not filed any FC6/FC4 returns yet. Thus, we do not who funds it.

SEAL’s website proclaims itself to be “an NGO dedicated to the mission of rescuing destitute and helpless people from the streets & railway stations of Mumbai.” which fits in with the Evangelical profile that it has.

Update on February 02, 2017

On February 01, 2017, Newspaper, The Hindu carried a 800 words long article eulogising SEAL, Pastor Samuel and Pastor Philip. It was written by a ‘Varda Sharma’. Unusually for The Hindu, it even gave SEAL’s full form as ‘Social and Evangelical Association for Love’.

One sentence in the article is reproduced below:

Extract from The Hindu’s article on SEAL, February 01, 2017

This is of course a lie. SEAL indeed gets aid from global organizations, as can be seen from its 2015-16 FC4 return. In fact, it received Rs. 4.17 lakh from no less than Compassion International-Colorado!! As our readers are aware, we carried a major expose on Compassion’s FCRA story earlier. The screenshot of SEAL’s FC4 is given below:

2015-16 FC4 return of SEAL, Panvel, Mumbai
NGO called SEAL in Panvel, Mumbai

Secular Causes?

In a Post on Emperor Julian, Scholar-blogger Manasataramgini says:

In modern India, again under the toxicity of secularism the government allows subtle and covert Galilaean memes to be broadcast on television, thereby softening the population for the action of the churches and NGOs

Let us see a news item that appeared on 29th June 2016.


The Hindu: Rallies mark Day Against Drug Abuse

Dinamani (Tamil): குமரியில் உலக போதை விழிப்புணர்வு ஜோதி ஓட்டம்

Dinathanthi (Tamil): குளச்சலில் போதை ஒழிப்பு விழிப்புணர்வு பேரணி

Rallies to increase awareness on drug abuse were organized in Kanyakumari district say all the headlines. Who organized it? Various “social” organizations belonging to the Kottar Diocese. The inaugural function was presided by the Parish Priest of Thuya Alankara Ubakara Madha Church. Later, a function was organized where a book on Drug Abuse was released. It was presided by the Kottar Diocese Bishop and Justice Selvam of Chennai High Court was the Chief Guest. Christhu Church Parish Priest Neon Nelson, Public Prosecutor A. Gnanasekar and Chief Education Officer V. Jayakumar participated in the book release function.

The Dinamani article mentions that the awareness run with the torch started in Kanyakumari culminated at the St. Aloysius School, Nagerkovil. Students of St. Anthony’s school ran with the torch.

The Dinathanthi story describes a similar rally organized in Colachel on behalf of “New Life Home”. This rally ended in St. Mary’s Primary School.

Following are FCRA-NGOs with Kottar, Nagerkovil in their addresses:

  1. Roman Catholic Diocese of Kottar (TN/75890004)
  2. Kottar Social Service Society (TN/75890021)
  3. Partnerschaft Kottar (Feast) (TN/75840023)
  4. Friends of Kottar, Annai Vellankanni College Premises (TN/75890080)
  5. Shanti Nivas Charitable Religious Social Welfare Society, Moritz Nagar (TN/75840031) (Organization of Franciscan brothers)
  6. Stella Maris Institute of Development Studies (TN/75890273)
  7. Popular Educational Trust (TN/75840012)

Do I need to say more?

Now, go back and read the Post of Manasataramgini again.

Secular Causes?

Mose Ministries, Tiruchirappalli. News Stories & beyond

Mose Ministries, Tiruchirappalli was founded and run by a Pastor Gideon Jacob. It is not FCRA-ed. It was predominantly funded via a Hamburg Bleeding Heart Christian “NGO” called Christliche Initiative fur Indien (CIFI). Since the publications of adverse reports on Mose Ministries, and the Court hearings and outrages of Indian citizens on twitter, CIFI’s website is forbidden for view over the last few months. However, relevant pages are available on archive. For instance, see:

Pastor Gideon Jacob appears to be running Mose Ministries, Tiruchirappalli via a Company (likely Sec. 25, as can be seen from Part-5 of its CIN which stands as NPL). The name of the company is: Good Shepherd Evangelical Mission Private Limited and its  CIN=U93090TN1974NPL006617. The same is also provided in the CIFI website (see archive here). The Directors are Gideon Jacob and Ute Jacob and the address is given as: 20-C, C-Block, Main Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai (no surprises in finding it in Anna Nagar, which is the Headquarters of neo EJs in Chennai, closely competing with Kilpauk). A screenshot of the details of the company from MCA is provided below.


Check out this newspaper article (September 2015) for the genesis of this story. Essentially, this orphanage housed around 89 girls of all ages, were raising them as believers and also obedient to their Pastor. Advocate Geeta further said: “the children were mentally conditioned into believing that they were all rescued by the pastor from their biological parents over fears of infanticide.” The “Children’s Home” of Mose Ministries did not have any registration with Government (Author’s note: Not that it makes any difference).

The Madurai bench of the Madras/Chennai High Court was hearing a petition filed by a good NGO, Change India in this regard. In January 2016, it directed CBI to investigate Mose Ministries and specifically the abuse of the children there. The Court asked CBI to file a report to it on the issue. The news also mentions “Some parents have submitted petitions to the collector claiming the children in the home were theirs.” It is thus clear that many of the inmates were not technically orphans, but were probably being held in the “Children’s Home” to extract money from Evangelicals and Bleeding Heart Liberals  abroad. Such “orphanages” also help in raising new troops of foot soldiers (so called native pastors) for purposes of “reaching” and “saving” millions of Indian souls in the coming decades.

In April 2016, CBI filed a status report to the Court and obtained permission to file the final report by August 2016.

Meanwhile, this news story today, says that Change India submitted to the Court that Pastor Gideon Jacob freely goes abroad. Further, no DNA tests have been conducted on the children and their biological parents, yet. These effectively convey the impression that nothing much seems to have happened in this case since January 2016.

To rebut the above, CBI submitted “due to difficulties stated in the status report (that CBI had submitted to the Court earlier), the CBI was unable to investigate him (Pastor Gideon Jacob). Besides, the inmates were not cooperating in the investigation

It should be noted that the children (including around 50 minors) staged a road blockade during Christmas of 2015 and demanded that they be allowed to celebrate it along with Pastor Jacob. The Court had to organize an extraordinary skype meeting to guide the Police and District administration during that standoff.

The above chronology of incidents makes it clear that (i) the children appear not to be in a state of independent thinking, (ii) the CBI is unable to make much progress due to unknown reasons and that (iii) Pastor Jacob has been having a free run.

While I am curious how this will pan out, I also fear that as many things with RoL, this too shall pass. Particularly because, it is in Tamil Nadu. Needless to state, India is fast catching up with Tamil Nadu.

June 29, 2016, Update: The Hindu reports that the “Special Public Prosecutor for Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) cases, told the court that the inmates of the home were not cooperating in the investigation ordered by the High Court”.

July 08, 2016, Update: The Hindu reports that blood samples of inmates of Mose Ministries were collected by the Government Hospital staff so as to carry DNA testing to match against those of their parents. Interestingly, the story also adds that CBI carried out a “search” in the Children’s Home as well as a “few other places“. Now, now, what would these be?

July 27, 2016, Update: Times of India reports that blood samples of six couples and three individuals who claimed to be parents of the “orphans” kept in Mose Ministries were collected. It also mentions that 34 people have claimed to be parents of the Mose children so far. It is hoped that their samples too will be collected over time. Importantly, TOI also reports Pastor Gideon Jacob had taken some of the girls (“orphans”) to Germany and Poland based on passports issued with the consent of social welfare department officials of Tiruchirappalli. In our considered opinion, the operations of this department in Tamil Nadu needs to be thoroughly checked.

Mose Ministries, Tiruchirappalli. News Stories & beyond

Follow-up of a Yugaparivartan story on Bless India Ministries

Portal Yugaparivartan which has been publishing some great material on issues facing Hinduism, has come out with a breaking story today. The story mentions a Pastor Nathan Rehn” of Bless India. Pastor Nathan Rehn is the founder of Bless India Ministries Incorporated (BIMI), 9729 Garis Shop Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA.

This quick Post is to lay bare the financial flows of BIMI to India via FCRA. You could check out previous posts here (or elsewhere), to try and understand what FCRA is etc.

BIMI is a 501c(3) organization. Its EIN is 02-0758339.

BIMI has sent funds to a Christ the King of Kings Ministries Welfare Association (CKKMWA), 11-160, Ashok Nagar, Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh-530026 during the period 2007 to 2010. CKKMWA has a FCRA Registration number of AP/010350118. The following Table summarizes the flow of funds to CKKMWA.


A screenshot (see below) from the 2007-08 FC6 return of CKKMWA demonstrates CKKMWA’s receipts from BIMI.



  • BIMI reports to have received from “Others-USA” a sum of ~ Rs. 1 lakh in 2006-07. The same is not discussed here as there is no evidence to connect this remittance to BIMI.
  • In the years 2007, 2008 and 2009, BIMI was the sole donor to CKKMWA.
  • CKMWWA has received a total of ~Rs. 1.64 Crore from BIMI during 2007-2010.
  • In 2010, a Spirit of Church Community Church, Pennsylvania became a co-donor.
  • CKKMWA (AP/10350118) has not filed FC6 (or FC4) returns for the years 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 yet. The returns for each year are due on December 31st. Thus, the FC6 return for 2011-12 was due on December 31, 2012.
  • CKKMWA’s FCRA registration is active, as checked on June 10, 2016.
  • Christ the King of Kings Ministries Welfare Association (CKKMWA) is registered in FCRA as a “Social” organization. It has no religious character. This flies in the face of fact that it has spent money on “Maintenance of priests/preachers” (see screen-shot from its 2008-2009 FC6 return below. ckkmwa1.png
  • The much-acclaimed (undeservingly so, imho) Darpan portal of NitiAayog does not have any entry for CKKMWA. Thus, we cannot know who owns/runs it via any Government sources in India. The situation with State Government records on charitable Trusts/Societies/Associations on issues of transparency is even worse. Let us not digress.
  • Three URLs (url1, url2, url3) related to CKKMWA show two associated names: Devadas Mekala and Subhakar Mekala.
  • Interestingly, in this Note to its donors, BIMI mentions that it has discontinued financial support to Mekala’s ministry (Author’s Note: i.e., CKKMWA) due to “sin issues” (Author’s note: financial misappropriation?)
  • The Form-990 (tax return to be filed by 501c(3) organizations in USA) for the year 2012 of BIMI reveals that it gave a loan of $105,000 to S. & D. Mekala (presumably Subhakar and Devadas Mekala). Could this be the “sin issues” referred above? We do not know. Its screenshot is:bimi_990.png
  • The same Form-990 of BIMI shows that it continued to support (financially of course), CKKMWA in 2012. BIMI also affirms that it brought volunteers (likely Evangelical Tourists aka Mission Trippers) “to various parts of India for the specific goal of expanding the work and reaching out in new areas of India”. (Author’s Note: *Reaching* is a technical word. It means introducing non-Christians to the Gospel). Its screenshot is: bimi_work.png
  • What is BIMI’s motto? Let us end this Post with a screenshot of its aims & objectives as stated in its tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (tax agency of USA). Screenshot from  its 2012 return: bimi_990_motto.png



BIMI used to financially support CKKMWA via FCRA. It stopped doing so, post 2012 due to “sin issues” of CKKMWA.

Where would I place BIMI or CKKMWA in the Zoo of Evangelical organizations operating in India?

They would probably be in the bottom 5% pile (i.e., almost inconsequential). What does that tell you? Huh?

Follow-up of a Yugaparivartan story on Bless India Ministries