FCRA Inflows into India from Gospel For Asia since 2006: A Comprehensive Compilation


Mainstream as well as Social Media are agog with the news item of income tax raids on properties announced to be belonging to “Believers Church”. These raids appear to be massive, involving officials from various States. While the media will come up with Breaking stories (typically based on hand-outs as they are incapable of doing anything worthwhile themselves), let us focus on FCRA data. This is the purpose of this Post.

Very importantly, the Ministry of Finance issued a Note on November 6, 2020 via the Press Information Bureau of Government of India which is available here. Although it did not mention the name of the ‘Group’ that was raided, we shall proceed with the logical assumption that the Group here refers to ‘Gospel For Asia’. The PIB Note specifically mentioned the following:

  1. The group operates about 30 trusts, registered across the country, and most of them exist only on paper and have been found to be used for routing the unaccounted funds and for accommodation transactions. 
  2. The modus operandi of the group is to systematically inflate expenses with the help of other parties, who would return the inflated amount in cash through domestic hawala channels to the functionaries of the group.
  3. The evidence found so far indicate that the siphoning of funds in cash may be running into hundreds of crores of rupees. 

Given these official remarks, it is important that the readers of indiahap blog be kept abreast of the total, officially known foreign fund inflows to ‘The Group’ via FCRA. Obviously, we would not know if foreign funds came to the group outside of FCRA. Such (if any) are beyond our purview.


  1. This September 2014 story on Indiafacts broke new ground and 
    1. revealed the existence of more than ten Limited Liability Companies (LLC) related-to/controlled-by Gospel For Asia-Texas-USA in Texas-USA.
    2. identified the four chief FCRA-NGOs, all located in Tiruvalla, Kerala, which were the primary recipients of foreign contributions (FC) from Gospel For Asia (GFA) (Worldwide). 
  2. This March 2016 Post examined the 2014-15 FC4 of the four Tiruvalla entities and also identified the existence of limited liability companies related to GFA in Canada as well.
  3. This December 2016 Post broke the news of the rechristening of Gospel For Asia, India as Ayana Charitable Trust.
  4. This Post of May 2018 had two Parts. In Part-A, it provided names of Functionaries of the four FCRA-NGOs of Tiruvalla and surmised that their FCRA registration was likely to have been cancelled some time between July and October 2017. In Part-B, it demonstrated how GFA-Worldwide had ‘activated’ nearly ten FCRA-NGOs which were dormant earlier, by sending large amounts of FC to these entities which stayed unscathed in the FCRA cancellation exercise.
  5. Note that although the FCRA registration of the four Tiruvalla entities was likely cancelled in 2017, their FC4 returns for 2016-17 are not available on the FCRA website. However, their quarterly FCRA returns are available. Thus, the entries for 2016-17 in the following Tables are obtained from these quarterly returns. 
  6. Gospel For Asia (GFA) was started in 1979 in Texas to serve the people of India and its neighbouring countries.

Summary of Post

  1. The Grand Total of foreign funds ‘donated’ by entities related to Gospel For Asia (worldwide) into Indian FCRA-NGOs from April 2006 until June 2020 is Rs. 48288405792 (Rs. 4829 Crore), of which the four erstwhile FCRA-NGOs in Tiruvalla received Rs. 4251 Crore, while the remaining Rs. 578 Crore was received by the ten ‘activated’ FCRA-NGOs spread in Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, New Delhi and Rayagada.
  2. Not unexpectedly, a prominent faith mouthpiece quotes ‘The Group’ as calling the income tax raid as ‘persecution’.
  3. Notwithstanding all the FCRA details presented herein, we contend that Universal Religious Freedom (as it is understood and employed by the Western World, United Nations etc.), particularly within the 10/40 Window and among the 4/14 Windowed populace is a sick concept and is best rechristened as Universal Religious Free Doom.


  • We sincerely thank the FCRA Wing of the Ministry of Home Affairs for providing online all the FCRA returns for anyone to view, without having to use the ill-purposed, so-called Right To Information Act.
  • While we have taken utmost care in data entry into the Tables below, there could be a few human errors. We would appreciate if these could be pointed out via the Comments section and we shall be happy to get them reviewed and revised, if needed.

Observations on the Inflows presented in the Tables below

  1. In 2014-15, Believers Church India reported a FC directly from abroad as Rs. 1255880324, while the sum of the individual FC reported in the FC4 for that year was only Rs. 1253005080, i.e., the difference was more than Rs. 28 lakh. While individual FC below Rs. 20000/- need not be declared in the FC4, it is somewhat difficult to believe that more than 140 foreign individuals/institutions each donated Rs. 20000/- to BCI that year.
  2. In 2008-09, Last Hour Ministry (LHM) reported receiving a FC of Rs. 8 Crore from GFA-Tiruvalla. Thus, the relationship between LHM & GFA-Tiruvalla is established beyond any doubt.
  3. Sums of such magnitudes and ‘machinations’ (of the kind described in the PIB Note) could not have been unknown within both the Banking circles and the FCRA Wing of the Ministry of Home Affairs. We shall desist delving further on this matter and urge the readers to think over it themselves.
  4. The ten FCRA-NGOs which were dormant until 2013 and which started getting FC from GFA-Worldwide since 2014 have active FCRA status, even as of now. Even after our expose of May 2018. In the recent past, they have been getting FC from a ‘GFA World’ in UK as well as from the Texan and Ontarion LLCs related to GFA.

Table 1: Foreign Contributions received by Ayana Charitable Trust since 2006. All amounts are in INR. Grand Total of FC since 2006 is Rs. 1607 Crore.

Table 2: Foreign Contributions received by Believers Church India since 2006. All amounts are in INR. Grand Total of FC since 2006 is Rs. 1869 Crore.

Table 3: Foreign Contributions received by Last Hour Ministry since 2006. All amounts are in INR. Grand Total of FC since 2006 is Rs. 393 Crore.

Table 4: Foreign Contributions received by Love India Ministries since 2006. All amounts are in INR. Grand Total of FC since 2006 is Rs. 381 Crore.

Table 5: Foreign Contributions received by ten GFA-related FCRA-NGOs since 2006. All amounts are in INR. Grand Total of FC since 2014 is Rs. 578 Crore.

FCRA Inflows into India from Gospel For Asia since 2006: A Comprehensive Compilation