Gospel for Asia-India (KL/52850064) changed its name in FCRA

This Post is long overdue. Wanted to write a longer one with lots of updates, but due to paucity of time, will write a short note on one essential point.

For a background to this Post, read:

  1. https://indiahap.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/additional-fcra-ngos-receiving-funds-from-gospel-for-asia-inc/
  2. https://indiahap.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/gospel-for-asias-fcra-returns-for-2014-15/

As always, we distinguish between Gospel For Asia-International (Texas, Canada, Germany, Australia, …) (abbreviated to GFA) and Gospel For Asia-India (abbreviated to GFAI).

GFAI *was* located in P.O. Box. 4, Manjadi P.O., Tiruvalla, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala-689105 with FCRA registration number of KL/52850064.

GFAI recently changed its name to “Ayana Charitable Trust-House No. 303/3, Thengumtharayil, Kuttapuzha P.O., Pathanamthitta District, Kerala-689103”. The FCRA registration number, obviously, remains the same, i.e., KL/52850064.

The same was noticed by keen observers around October 2016.


  1. FCRA details of the other three long-standing recipients of FCRA donations from GFA, i.e., Believers Church India, Last Hour Ministry & Love India Ministries remain unchanged.
  2. Ayana in Samskrutam, may mean either ‘refuge-place’ or ‘movement’, we are told. We have no more idea on this.

In this regard, we would like to offer a suggestion to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The FCRA wing of Ministry of Home Affairs,  has been doing yeoman service in publicly displaying all FC6/FC4 returns on its website (without needing to file the idiotic RTI). However, when a FCRA-NGO changes its name [or its address], then *all* the annual returns filed by it prior to the change in name/address also display the new name/address. Some years ago, we had noticed a similar ‘phenomenon’ with the evangelical organization in Rangareddy district, Telangana called “Operation Mobilization India” whose name on FCRA website got suddenly changed to “Operation Mercy India Foundation” in/around late 2014/early-2015 [both bearing the same Registration No: TS/10220133 at the same address, i.e., Logos Bhavan, Jeedimetla, Rangareddy District, Telangana, where seven FCRA-NGOs are co-located].

FCRA annual returns are sacred. In software engineering, a routine practice is Version Control. The FCRA Wing is suggested to follow such essential practices, so that independent examiners of open source, public information are not led astray.

Summary: Gospel For Asia-India (KL/52850064) is no longer known by that name in FCRA records. It has been rechristened (LOL) to: Ayana Charitable Trust (KL/52850064).


Gospel for Asia-India (KL/52850064) changed its name in FCRA

Gospel For Asia’s FCRA returns for 2014-15




In the previous Post, we saw how Gospel For Asia Inc (GFAI) has started remitting funds to new FCRA-NGOs in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


In this Post, we shall examine the remittances to the four FCRA-NGOs originally associated with GFAI, all located in Tiruvalla, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. To remind our readers, these are: Gospel For Asia, Believers Church India, Last Hour Ministry and Love India Ministries. Further details of remittances to them in the past years can be found here and are summarized in the Table below:


The FC4 return for the financial year 2014-15 for these four entities are now available online at fcraonline.nic.in



Total Amount received in 2014-15 (Rs. Crore) [including amount brought forward]

Amount brought forward from past (Rs. Crore)

Gospel For Asia



Believers Church India



Last Hour Ministry



Love India Ministries



Thus, these four FCRA-NGOs together received a whopping sum of Rs. 1191 Crore in 2014-15, including a humongous amount of Rs. 893 Crore from the past years’ which was unspent.  Note that the amounts mentioned in Table 1 above for the years until 2013-14,  include interest (typically ~10% in Bank long term deposits) amounts on unspent cash. With changes having come in the way the FCRA returns need to be filed since 2014-15,  the total amounts reflect not only the interest, but also the Principal.

In summary: These four entities had around Rs. 893 Crore cash lying unspent from the past and received around Rs. 298 Crore in financial year 2014-15.

As Hindus living under the onslaught of International Evangelistic forces, we are glad  that the money was unspent.

There is more detail that one can dig from these FC4 returns, but we shall carry out that exercise at some future point in time.

It is also pertinent to note that FCRA-NGOs in Kerala together received around Rs. 2463 Crore (including cash lying unspent, i.e., principal and interest) in 2014-15 as opposed to Rs. 965 Crore (includes only interest amount) in 2013-14.

The enormous amounts of money flowing into India via FCRA for such activities which seriously impinges on our Nation’s religious demography  bothers us.

Update on March 19, 2016:

The Third Quarter FCRA returns in 2015-16 for these four entities are available on the FCRA website now. While Gospel For Asia and Last Hour Ministry reported Nil inflow in this quarter, Love India Ministries reported receipt of Rs. 2.68 Crore from GFAI-Texas towards “Social Purposes”.

Believers Church India reported the receipt of Rs. 47.9 Crore from various global entities in this Quarter. These entities include Teaching Skills LLC-Texas and GFAI-Texas, and curiously a “Little Hills”, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. Whether this last entity is related to GFA-Canada is unknown. It is interesting to note that GFA-Canada too appears to be located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada as per Google search for “Gospel for Asia Ontario”.

Gospel For Asia’s FCRA returns for 2014-15

Additional FCRA-NGOs receiving funds from Gospel For Asia Inc

Indiafacts had broken a story on Gospel For Asia Inc (GFAI), Texas in September 2014. The story revealed two vital pieces of information which were until then unknown in public:

  • GFAI had established 11 Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in Texas

  • Four FCRA-NGOs, all located in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala
    were exclusively funded either by GFAI or by these LLCs. These were:
    Gospel For Asia (GFA), Believers Church India (BCI), Last Hour
    Ministry (LHM) and Love India Ministries (LIM)

This story was followed up extensively and comprehensively by blogger, Prof. Warren Throckmorton here, which culminated in a lawsuit filed by US-based former donors to GFAI which has been covered well in US media.


That a few more FCRA-NGOs have declared remittances from GFAI and its LLCs since 2013-14 has now come to light. The following Table lists them, based on data found at the FCRA website.


[N/A means FC6 return not available. All amounts are in Indian Rupees (Rs.)]










Prophetic Mission Trust (SPMT)



Road, Coimbatore Taluk, Tamil Nadu-641653




GFAI, Texas)



Carnine, Carrollton, Texas)

(From Unfailing Love LLC and Road to Peace LLC)

Indian Gypsy New Life Trust (RIGNLT)



Udumalpur, Tamil Nadu-642204




(From Michelle Jimenez, Carrollton, Texas)

(From Voice of Love LLC and Peace Givers LLC)

Hope Foundation (NHF)



Padappai, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu-601301




(From Fred H, Norris Drive, Texas)

(From In His Steps LLC and Grace in Action LLC)

Spirit Ministries (HSM)



Bengaluru, Karnataka 560036





(From Unconditional Love LLC)

In Fraternity Trust (GIFT)



Bengaluru, Karnataka-560033




(From Javier Mendoza, Carrollton, Texas)

(From Shepherds Care LLC and Cup of Blessing LLC)


Thus, in the third quarter of Financial Year (FY) 2015-16 alone, these new FCRA-NGOs  together have received a whopping sum of Rs. 53,21,54,811 (Rupees Fifty Three Crore Twenty One Lakh Fifty Four Thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven only) from LLCs associated with GFAI. They did not receive any money from anyone else either in 2015-16 or in the previous years. The above data can be accessed by anyone from the FCRA Website of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The complete data for FY 2015-16 can be obtained only after these FCRA-NGOs file their FC4 return (due by December 31, 2016). However, the data for the last quarter, i.e., Jan-Mar. 2016 should be available online, hopefully in June 2016.


It will also be interesting to know whether these FCRA-NGOs received similar substantial amounts in the previous two quarters of FY 2015-16. It is to be noted that MHA recently tightened the reporting norms for both FCRA-NGOs as well as for Banks. MHA had also established the procedure for the submission of Quarterly Returns, whose publication online enabled us to figure out the above details on these mysterious five FCRA-NGOs which happened to have received large sums of money from GFAI.


At this point in time, the existence of these five FCRA-NGOs has come to light. Whether any more FCRA-NGOs have received funds from GFAI is unknown, as yet.


It is our fervent hope that the people of India will awaken to the living reality of evangelistic forces inimical to our Nationhood and Culture, fostered by liberal funds from abroad transmitted via FCRA.


P.S.: Screenshots of returns are not provided as these data are made freely available online by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and are accessible to anyone at fcraonline.nic.in.


How To Access FCRA data?

  1. Go to: https://fcraonline.nic.in
  2. Click on “Information Bank” (Top left)
  3. Click on:
    1. List of associations that have filed annual returns. to get the annual returns; Then Choose Year & State (TN=Tamil Nadu; KA=Karnataka)
    2. List of associations that have filed quarterly returns. to get the Quarterly return filed by FCRA-NGOs. Choose Oct.-Dec.2015.

Disclaimer: This post does not make any value judgement on any of the Organizations mentioned here. Nor is it responsible for content present elsewhere, but hyperlinked from here. This Post does not explicitly or implicitly comment on the legality of these remittances. That aspect is outside the scope of this Post. This Post just collates data available on the FCRA website and presents it in a relevant fashion.

Additional FCRA-NGOs receiving funds from Gospel For Asia Inc